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[collection]Ham Radio Magazine (1968-1990)
Ham Radio was a monthly amateur radio enthusiast magazine published in the United States from February 1968 to June 1990. At the 1990 Dayton Hamvention it was announced that Ham Radio had been sold to the publishers of CQ Amateur Radio. The June 1990 issue was the 268th and final issue published where subscribers were told of the sale and that they would receive CQ in the future Metadata/Descriptions for these issues have been contributed by Matthew Williams, Thomas Chester, Daniel Brady, Natha...
Downloads: 52
[audio]99 Hobbies - Ham Radio magazine review
This issue is about ham radio magazines (the hard copy kind) that you can get. Why would you want one instead of the other? Would you want more than one? Do you need to read all of them? This podcast won't answer all of those questions, but will give you an idea of what is out there, and how to sample them for yourself. Part one of two. Part two is more fun, because I get to talk to someone about making a magazine! Stay tuned.
Keywords: 99 Hobbies; kz1o; ham radio magazines; podcast
Downloads: 463
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 00 Number 14 - Ham Radio
Foreground p.30 ADD THIS 6800 MORSER TO YOUR AMATEUR RADIO STATION [theme Applications] [author Grappel-Hemenway] p.42 IF ONLY SAM MORSE COULD SEE US NOW [theme Applications] [author Sewell] p.52 A MORSE CODE STATION DATA HANDLER [theme Applications] [author Filgate] p.74 BUILD THIS MATHEMATICAL FUNCTION UNIT- Part 2 [theme Software] [author Guthrie] Background p.12 THE COMPUTER ... VERSUS ... HAND SENT MORSE CODE [theme Applications] [author Hickey] p.26 A HAM'S APPLICATION DREAMS [theme Specul...
Keywords: data; code; morse; computer; program; output; memory; software; byte; altair; morse code; front panel; power supply; message buffer; mathematical function; printed circuit; function unit; amateur radio; general purpose; national semiconductor
Downloads: 989
[audio]99 Hobbies - more ham magazines - Dave KZ1O
First we looked at some ham magazines from a reader's point of view, and today we listen to Nancy Kott, WZ8C, from an Editor's point of view. Nancy is the editor of WorldRadio magazine, and a very active ham. She talks a little about her upcoming DXpedition as well, which we will cover in more detail when she gets back.
Keywords: 99 Hobbies; wz8c; kz1o; ham radio; amateur radio; ham magazines
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[audio]Playback Magazine Issue 103
Playback Magazine, an audio cassette-based magazine for the blind. Issue 103. Edition 103, September 1996 Products and resources Minis from members, including two new radios from Radio Shack, World Exchange Communications long distance service, Radio Shack sleep machine, and ham discount from Radio Shack Catalog watch Free Play wind-up radio Musical talking calculator Optimus SCT86 single cassette deck Classifieds
Downloads: 4
[texts]Home Power Magazine 061
Home Power Magazine 061.PDF
Keywords: solar; power; energy; renewable; pump; battery; october; november; system; electric; renewable energy; solar energy; richard perez; working assets; solar electric; ham radio; installing dealer; green power; stirling engine; power magazine
Downloads: 258
[audio]Playback Magazine Issue 056
Playback Magazine, an audio cassette-based magazine for the blind. Issue 056. Edition 56, November 1988 Addresses and products A device called No Bells Pyramid talking clock VPI HW17 record cleaning machine Part 1 of an interview with Radio Shack director of market planning, on Radio Shack's entry into ham radio Part 2 on the report about SCA radio Radio Shack voice-activated hands-free transceiver Maybe a report on a Sony TCM-24 cassette portable Classifieds
Downloads: 3
[audio]Playback Magazine Issue 035
Playback Magazine, an audio cassette-based magazine for the blind. Issue 035. Edition 35, May 1985 Addresses and products Talking about status of free matter privilege Part three of VCR's Random things, including an Interesting equalizer Ham radio equipment and places to get it Classifieds
Downloads: 3
[audio]Playback Magazine Issue 046
Playback Magazine, an audio cassette-based magazine for the blind. Issue 046. Edition 46, March 1987 Q-wire device for entering frequencies into certain ham radios inexpensive AM radio Yamaha sound processor TTPF18 from IRTI Proposed legislation to keep us from copying tapes
Downloads: 3
[audio]Playback Magazine Issue 067
Playback Magazine, an audio cassette-based magazine for the blind. Issue 067. Edition 67, September 1990 Products and resources The money identifier is here. Two new talking devices from Style Asia Radio Shack talking multimeter Review of a new SCA receiver A twenty-three minute look at the Consumer Electronics show A place to get your GE recorder repaired A place for modifications to ham gear A new telephone from Radio Shack Classifieds
Downloads: 4
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1990)
73 Magazine May 1990 (#356) SAREX-90 - Ham-In-Space Shuttle Missions ...... W3IWI, WA4SIR, W3XO 9 Sharing the Adventure with Young People - Maritime ham classroom with a conscience ...... KA1UKM 18 An Interview with Carole Perry, WB2MGP - Who's new in ham radio ...... KB2IGG 20 The Biggest Ham Country-Japan - Plus 9600 baud packet and tree antennas ...... WA1LBP 24 Tri-State Anti-Drug Air Show - Amateur radio ops say "Yes" to " Say no" ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; mhz; ihe; antenna; hams; kit; amateur radio; ham radio; met day; feedback card; power supply; packet radio; teur radio; young people
Downloads: 2,286
[texts]73 Magazine (July 2001)
73 Magazine July 2001 (#488) The Antenna That Never Was - and the 4S7WHG DXpedition that Almost followed suit ...... G3SWH 10 Power Supplies Explained - The esoteric facts ...... W2G0M/7 16 QRP Asylum Update - The latest from our build-crazy ham ...... NY9D 23 Your Long-Lost Transistor Notebook - Part 1 of 4 ...... W6WTU 27 Read All About It! - Part 8 of good stuff from The Hertzian Herald ...... K8JWR The History of Ham Radio - Paris 7 and 8: Broadcast radio and the early '20s ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; voltage; antenna; july; ham; transistor; receiver; mhz; amateur radio; radio today; web site; ham radio; power supplies; characteristic curves; vacuum tube; radio book; exam questions; book shop
Downloads: 1,836
[texts]73 Magazine (April 2001)
73 Magazine April 2001 (#485) Sabah -Land Below the Wind - Come along on this DXpedition to 9M6 ...... G3SWH 10 Arachnida Warcum - Whatever you calf it, this WARC bands spider species is a tri-band delta loop well worth trying ...... VE3XI 16 Way Cool Rocket Project - Conclusion - This 70cm rocketborne radio telemetry system is strictly for kids -Not! ...... N4XVF 18 Disaster Overkill - Say what you want about this ham's response to emergency preparedness -until you need him, that is ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; power; photo; april; frequency; meters; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; strip chart; morse code; switching power; power supplies; matching case; heavy duty; web site
Downloads: 1,977
[texts]73 Magazine (May 2003)
73 Magazine May 2003 (#510) Tunable Broadcast Band Filter - Another great project from K8ZOA ...... K8ZOA 10 How to Avoid a Disaster Disaster - And how about putting the field back in Field Day? ...... WB9YBM 22 Ready, Set... Don't Go? - The time for preparation to be a meaningful participant in the next emergency situation is before the event occurs ...... AA2JZ 23 'Quaker Oaths - In 1989, the ARS came through.....
Keywords: radio; amateur; power; tuning; coupling; inverter; frequency; ham; photo; amateur radio; radio today; main tuning; ham radio; web site; wouff hong; tuning capacitor; switching power; red cross; morse code
Downloads: 1,879
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1995)
73 Magazine March 1995 (#414) A Practical Weather Satellite Receiving System, Part 1 - Set up your own satellite receiver/decoder ...... ZRBUM 10 HF-5AT Antenna - An easy-to-build dual-band HF satellite antenna ...... AC3L 24 Grounding and lightning Protection, Part 2 - Effective RF grounding for the shack ...... W5UOJ 26 The Azden PCS-7200 - A solid 222 MHz mobile transceiver ...... WB2WIK/6 32 Ham University Interactive - Learn code and theory, and play CW games ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; amateur; antenna; ham; frequency; mfj; output; repeater; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; weather satellite; morse code; case set; power supply
Downloads: 2,080
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1994)
73 Magazine June 1994 (#405) MRP4 Solar Panel Control Circuit - Build this easy charge controller for your sun-powered station! ...... WB8VGE 10 Surplus Solar: Is It for You? - An affordable alternate backup power system ...... N7MGT 18 Used Batteries for Ham Stations - Another way to save money on power systems ...... N7MGT 22 All About Those Lightweight HF Ham Whips - Easy mobile operating from 160 to 10 ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; amateur; ham; antenna; frequency; battery; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; card circle; power supply; matching case; case set
Downloads: 1,994
[texts]73 Magazine (April 2002)
73 Magazine April 2002 (#497) Ham Window Dressing - If this nifty car frequency display doesn't draw gawks, nothing ever will ...... Rynone 10 SOS... SOS... Titanic! - Radio operators' courage still inspires amateurs ...... Garcia 14 Does Your Junk Box Runneth Over? - A true junkie explains how to get a grip ...... W6WTU 19 New Life for a Pierson KE-93 - Part 3 of 3 ...... W6WTU 22 The Call of the Maldives - 8Q7WH, that is ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; photo; patent; wireless; april; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; radio shack; junk box; web site; team usa; john phillips; high frequency; spark gap
Downloads: 1,959
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1993)
73 Magazine August 1993 (#395) A Decade of Packet - An anthology of 73 packet radio articles from 1983 to 1993 ...... WA1RZW 10 FM Packet Deviation Meter - Put your packet station on the money for 20 bucks ...... N5OWK 22 Julieboard - An easy-to-build DDS synthesizer for the PC printer port ...... VE3JIL 40 Computer Control for Beam Antennas, Part I - Give your station a smart, new twist ...... K4OND 54 PC Pakratt for Windows - Love at first byte ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; packet; mhz; ham; antenna; digital; power; repeater; amateur radio; radio today; packet radio; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; brian lloyd; morse code
Downloads: 2,240
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1997)
73 Magazine August 1997 (#443) A Free Repeater, Free HTs and Some Good Ol' PR - Would your employer pitch in? ...... WA9PYH 10 Figuring RF Exposure - New standards can help avoid potential hazards ...... W6YBT 16 Antennas for Amateur Television, Part 2 - See Part 1 in July's 73 ...... K0NM 17 Negative Resistance RF Pre-Selector - An easy way to soup up that old superhet ...... W2GOM/7 Emergency Communications - The only salvation for ham radio? ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; frequency; signal; ham; receiver; ihe; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; negative resistance; flea market; air force; power supply
Downloads: 1,932
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1971)
73 Magazine May 1971 (#128) A Big Signal on 75M, Mobile - Only 54" long! ...... W6MOG 14 A Dual Gate FET Preamp for 2 Meters - Do it yourself preamp for those too lazy to buy ...... WB6BIH 20 A Neat and Novel Receiver Accessory - 73 finally invents the crystal calibrator ...... WA6CPP 24 The Hartley Oscillator Story - Invented in 1914, and still with us ...... K2SKV 28 The Widening World of Instant Replay - To videotape or not to videotape ........
Keywords: antenna; power; frequency; mhz; output; amateur; radio; amplifier; oscillator; transmitter; amateur radio; power supply; power input; rotary inductor; ham radio; los angeles; loading coil; extra class; feedback fraction; radio operator
Downloads: 1,650
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1995)
73 Magazine December 1995 (#423) A Portable Integrated 20 Meter SSB/CW QRP Ham Radio Station - A ten pound powerhouse ...... KB4ZGC 10 Nostalgia For The Future - High performance crystal radio utilizes a high-efficiency JFET detector and dual resonant circuits for superior performance ...... KC3ZQ 14 A Perspirational Message ...... W2NSD/1 17 Jan Mayen - A Special DXCC Country ...... AJ0N/LA6US 18 Key It! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; repeater; power; mhz; ihe; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; antenna tuner; call sign; jan mayen
Downloads: 2,981
[texts]73 Magazine (August 2003)
73 Magazine August 2003 (#513) Clamp-on DC Ammeter - A project suitable for ham radio? Of cores ...... W6WTU 10 The Ins and Outs of Parts Substitution - Part 1: Understanding the basics ...... W6WTU 18 How to Check Transistors with an Ohmmeter - Or: Let's cheat ...... W9QKC 23 Two Monitors Are Better Than One - Run tandem screens and really impress 'em ...... W6PNW 25 Travels with Henryk -Part 14 - Do Not Pass Go(a) ........
Keywords: morse; radio; amateur; code; antenna; mhz; august; ham; circuit; ghz; amateur radio; morse code; radio today; ham radio; web site; power supply; magnetic field; switching power; noise reduction; radio club
Downloads: 2,078
[texts]73 Magazine (February 2001)
73 Magazine February 2001 (#483) Way Cool Rocket Project, Part 1 - This 70cm rocketborne radio telemetry system is strictly for kids -Not! ...... N4XVF 10 All About Class D Amplifiers - What you do know can't hurt you ...... W2GOM/7 18 Portable Personal Repeater - Handy, inexpensive, and fun! ...... WB6IQN 23 Inside Digital TV/VCR Tuners - Part 6: Making your own PC boards ...... W6WTU 25 Crystal Oven Controller - Build this solid state regulator for your oscillator oven assembly.....
Keywords: radio; amateur; receiver; transmitter; audio; power; voltage; antenna; ham; battery; amateur radio; radio today; noise blanker; ham radio; web site; radio shack; power supply; power supplies; paper mask; high power
Downloads: 1,936
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1991)
73 Magazine August 1991 (#371) Poor Man's Packet - A complete software TNC for PC compatibles! ...... WB2EMS, N8KEI 8 Low Cost Discone - Wideband coverage from 144 to 1296 MHz ...... AD5X 24 High Speed Data Acquisition - Sample the outside world with this inexpensive interface ...... N8KDD 28 Software for the Ham Shack, Part IV - Useful ham calculations you can program yourself! ...... WA4BLC 32 Universal CAT Interface - Control your rig with your computer! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; mhz; antenna; program; packet; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; radio shack; power supply; matching case; battery pack
Downloads: 2,164
[texts]73 Magazine (January 2000)
73 Magazine January/Feb 2000 (#471) New Millennium Wish List - A budget-conscious guide to exploring new amateur radio horizons ...... K4TWJ 10 Buffalo Springs Lake Half-Ironman Triathlon - Ham PR at its best ...... KC5VKB 14 Junk Box Audio Test Generator - This scavenged helper is easy to build and fun to use ...... Sellen 22 Read All About It! - Part 2 of good stuff from The Hertzian Herald ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; amateur; frequency; meter; qrp; ham; antenna; noise; power; amateur radio; radio today; noise figure; ham radio; web site; feedback card; low power; ten meter; flea market
Downloads: 1,897
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1999)
73 Magazine October 1999 (#468) Need a UHF Dipper? - Part 1: Old TV tuners to the rescue! ...... W6WTU 10 HT Porta-Power - Project Portable extended power pkg for HTs ...... WB3CEH 15 FM CW! - Repeater code-practice sessions ...... WB9YBM 16 FYI: FQY - Another look at the Fractal Quad Yagi ...... KF7BS 18 Secrets of Transmission Lines - Part 3: More AC review ...... KE2QJ 22 The History of Ham Radio - Parts 1 and 2: From the birth of the wireless ages to 1920 ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; power; kit; ham; web; thai; antenna; radio today; amateur radio; web site; matching case; power station; intermediate skill; ham radio; feedback card
Downloads: 2,537
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1994)
73 Magazine January 1994 (#400) Using the World's Most Accurate Frequency Standard, Part 1 - Building a receiver for WWVB ...... K9EUI 10 Micro IDer - An easy-to-build automatic Morse code station identifier ...... KA9SZW, Pointer 18 The "Hula Loop" - A stationary bidirectional hybrid three-element delta loop ...... NH6XK 30 The Quad Charger - A constant current NiCd charger ...... K4GOK 34 EASY-PC Printed Circuit Layout Software - Want to get into computer-aided design (CAD)? ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; repeater; ham; power; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; ham radio; feedback card; matching case; case set; flea market
Downloads: 2,546
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1998)
73 Magazine September 1998 (#456) The Ultimate Green Radio - great "Beginners Night" project! ...... W7DE 10 What's the Scoop on the Lazy Loop? - Here's how multi-band wire antennas measured up in real-world comparisons ...... WA2UGT 16 Intro to Superhets - Part 2: From oscillators to detectors ...... W5WTU 22 Building the NHRC-4 Linking Repeater Controller - And get with the program ...... N1KDO, KA1OKQ, N1LTL 28 Multibanding the Fracvert Half-Wave - Here's a wire vertical with surprising perfo...
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; ihe; signal; receiver; ham; audio; coax; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; gamma match; web site; incoming signal; power supply; morse code
Downloads: 1,941
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1981)
73 Magazine April 1981 (#247) The History of Ham Radio - part XIII ...... W9CI 46 Build a Frequency Counter -That TALKS! - state-of-the-art for blind hams ...... WA0OHO 52 In the Stack - R/Cers, don't be grounded by control channel congestion! Put your ship on six! ...... WB3BQO 56 All the News that Fits - make your club newspaper a winner! ...... N9YL 60 My Infernal Tower - tales of aflying fiasco ........
Keywords: mhz; amateur; radio; frequency; antenna; ham; magazine; power; kit; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; toll free; radio club; variable attenuator; signal generator; call toll; static ram
Downloads: 2,028
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1986)
73 Magazine May 1986 (#308) Lousy Inconsiderate Dummies - Lids we love to hate ...... W2NSD/1 28 Speed-Charge Your PB-21 - Is your TH-21 spending more time on your desk than on your belt? ...... WA8IZV 32 Army Surplus CW - Revamp the CIA's secret CW sender ...... W8MFL, WL7AKZ 36 The Day the Aliens Landed in Limerick, Maine - The ultimate eyeball QSO ...... W1ROM 38 The Hula Hoop Loop Revisited - A new twist in deep-null receiving antennas ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; mhz; amateur; amateurs; ham; frequency; lid; voltage; radio amateurs; amateur radio; power supply; packet radio; sine wave; radio shack; trapezoidal wave; front panel; square wave; list price
Downloads: 1,831
[texts]73 Magazine (April 2000)
73 Magazine April 2000 (#473) Morse Code -The Once and Future Mode - Will you outlive it -or vice versa? ...... N1FN 10 The Long-Lost Art of Conversational CW - Banging away for long chats can be fun -if you know what to say ...... WF6P 18 Make Copies of This Article - Then drop them off at your local school(s) ...... W8DYF 20 The Finger - Here's a positive way to respond when someone gives it to you ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; morse; april; ham; kit; mhz; ardf; amateur radio; radio today; morse code; ham radio; web site; high power; heavy duty; radio book; book shop
Downloads: 2,154
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1986)
73 Magazine June 1986 (#309) Never Say Die - Nine full pages of W2NSD/1! ...... 4 A Walk Through the VHF/UHF Spectrum - Is there life after 40 meters? ...... KT2B 26 Hams In Space - W5LFL & W0ORE talk about the past, present, and future of ham radio ...... KW1O 34 Two to Ten - A quick way to get on 10 FM with a big signal ...... WB5IPM 38 Some Guys Make It - Classic humor from 73's cellar ...... K2ORS 46 Digital Simplex Repeaters - New-wave ham radio—a marriage of packet and digital-voice tech...
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; antenna; repeater; low power; ham; output; frequency; band; amateur radio; field day; power supply; radio club; packet radio; ham radio; hong kong; fun station; southern california
Downloads: 2,600
[texts]73 Magazine (June 2001)
73 Magazine June 2001 (#487) EZ-Build Pre-Selector - Use a tuning cap from an old broadcast receiver ...... N2DCH 10 Bring Back the Magic! - Is this guy living in a dream world? You tell Us ...... G3LDI 20 Read All About It! - Part 7 of good stuff from The Hertaian Herald ...... K8JWR 24 The History of Ham Radio - Part 6: Across the Atlantic ...... W9CI, SK 28 Field Day 2000 with the Xerox ARC - Where every signal was -ahem! -easy to copy? ......W6WTU 32 Field Day Follies - Wherein some Yankee t...
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; digital; frequency; satellite; june; photo; amateur radio; radio today; field day; web site; ham radio; morse code; radio book; book shop; omega sales; extra class
Downloads: 2,005
[texts]73 Magazine (March 2001)
73 Magazine March 2001 (#484) Way Cool Rocket Project: Part 2 - This 70cm rocketborne radio telemetry system is strictly for kids -Not! ...... N4XVF 10 Build Yourself an NVIS - If you want to talk to the guy in the next county on HF, of course ...... VE2EQL 18 Inside Digital TV/VCR Tuners - Part 7: Conclusion ...... W6WTU 19 Build This Variable AC Bench Supply - If you can find a Variac transformer, that is ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; ham; qrp; transmitter; kit; mhz; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; web site; ham radio; nose cone; elevation bearing; matching case; high power; bearing box; radio shack
Downloads: 2,831
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1995)
73 Magazine July 1995 (#418) Dish Antenna for Weather Satellite Images - Build your own 5-loot parabolic dish for 1691 MHz ...... WA9PYH 10 A low Noise Amplifier for 1691 MHz - Build this LNA for weather satellite reception ...... WA9PYH 20 Sailing with Ham and Marine Radio Equipment - Carry ham and marine systems aboard without permanent installation ...... WB6NOA 26 2 Meter Collinear Vertical Antenna - Build almost 6dB of gain for almost $10 ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; ham; amateur; mhz; meter; ihe; marine; power; vhf; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; case set; marine vhf; matching case; radio shack
Downloads: 1,806
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1968)
73 Magazine September 1968 (#96) Going VHF - In the Mobile ...... W9HDF 6 Communicator Reborn ...... W6HCX 14 432 MHz Amplifiers ...... W6AJF 16 Quick Converters ...... W9NLT 20 So You Think You're on Frequency ...... K6MVH 27 Parallel T-Network Design ...... Kyle 30 Starting Off on VHF ...... WA1GEK 32 Learning - The Radio Code if You're Over 30 ...... W1EZT 34 A Review of the Heathkit SB-110A ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; vhf; crystal; meter; antenna; amateur; output; circuit; power; amateur radio; power supply; field day; local oscillator; radio club; current flow; vhf antennas; vanguard labs; ham radio; volume control
Downloads: 2,121
[texts]73 Magazine (October 2002)
73 Magazine October 2002 (#503) IF Test Box - A real "can"-do project ...... AA2JZ 10 Mobile Ham Repeater - Isn't it time your club had one? ...... W6WTU 14 Inside Today's Kit Biz - An interview with Marshall Emm N1FN ...... KF6FJU 23 Close Encounters of the 5R Kind - Our Fearless Phil moseys out to Madagascar ...... G3SWH 27 What's in a Name? - Badge, that is? A cabin fever cure-all ...... AA2JZ 33 Letter From the Other Side - Re: Celebrating the bisesquicentennial of a shocking event ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; ihe; power; thai; web; antenna; october; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; web site; power meter; book shop; oak hills; directional coupler; radio book; power supply
Downloads: 1,871
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1997)
73 Magazine October 1997 (#445) Surface Mount Devices - Everything you didn't want to -but should -know ...... W6WTU 10 El Cheapo - Rub shoulders with the big boys on 20 meters, without shelling out megabucks! ...... 4X1MK 15 APRS Network Guidelines - 20 tips for increasing efficiency ...... W9IF 19 Phased Trapped Verticals for HF - Simple ideas, simple to build ...... KD7FY 21 Simple Signal Injector/Tracer - Troubleshooting made easy ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; signal; mhz; power; solder; digital; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; pet ham; local loop; power supply; morse code
Downloads: 1,844
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1991)
73 Magazine September 1991 (#372) The Square Pancake Antenna - A 20-inch square marvel! ...... W2SMR 18 Indoor 10 Meter Beam - A 2-element "invisible" coaxial antenna ...... N9CAP Economical Mobile HF Antenna - Modify a Radio Shack CB antenna for the HF bands ...... AA6NG 26 DXDA Awards and Countries - The latest update, thanks to Bob Reed WB2DIN ...... Staff 30 Dual-Band Vertical - This one's for the 160 and 1750 meter bands ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; ham; island; amateur radio; meter; mhz; ham radio; radio today; feedback card; ham battery; call call; loading coil; carolina beam
Downloads: 1,779
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1990)
73 Magazine January 1990 (#352) The King and Us - King Hussein VE6JY1 visits the Canadian West ...... McGregor, VE6VIP 9 Poor Man's Service Monitor - A must for serious FM experimenters ...... N6MWS 10 The 1 1/4 Meter Serendipity Antenna - Convert your Bearcat scanner antenna into a real hot-shot on 220 MHz ...... KA1LCC 18 Painless PCBs - How do you design a printed circuit board from a schematic? Read this for some handy pointers ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; frequency; antenna; ham; meter; amateur radio; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; packet radio; front panel; high performance; high speed
Downloads: 2,159
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1992)
73 Magazine May 1992 (#380) Poor Ham's Dynamic Component Analyzer - Build your own Circuit detective ...... KA1MDA 8 Log Periodic Dipole Array for 2 Meters - Wideband performance in a small package ...... N2KLK 14 QRP Sidetone Companion - And part-time code practice oscillator ...... KI5AZ 18 The Copperback Beetle - A new type of "bug" ...... KI5AZ 20 Battery Watchdog - Keeps your battery up to snuff ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; frequency; repeater; call; khz; ham; amateur radio; call call; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; matching case; morse code
Downloads: 1,896
[texts]73 Magazine (July 2003)
73 Magazine July 2003 (#512) Inside the ARRL -the REAL Story - Show this to your ARRL Director if you want ham radio to survive ...... K2QAI 10 World Radiosport Team Championships -2002 - A photoreport ...... SM0JHF 14 Getting Back a Gertsch - Adventures in refurbishing a Singer-Gertsch FM-9 frequency/deviation meter ...... W6WTU 18 Yes, I Built Sixteen log Periodic Antennas! - Part 2: Assembly ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; frequency; mhz; solder; battery; usb; july; center; amateur radio; radio today; log periodic; ham radio; solder pot; force ghfs; air force; web site; morse code; power supply
Downloads: 1,903
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1971)
73 Magazine January 1971 (#124) LX for Leisure - A relaxed DXpedition to Luxembourg ...... G3BID 18 Try DXing the World the Hard Way! - Around the world in 90 frustrations ...... K6KA 22 Split Phones - A DX Operating Aid - You've got two ears? Why not use them both? ...... GW8PG 30 Can Ham Radio Manufacturing Survive? - Maybe ...... Staff 35 Heath Tener Modification - Bigger fuse ...... K8JLK 45 Testing the RP Electronics Compressor - Cheapest wav to double your power ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; ham; antenna; receiver; frequency; mhz; repeater; ssb; circuit; amateur radio; ham radio; power supply; class license; radio amateur; balanced mixer; mobile unit; civil defense; wayne green; power amplifier
Downloads: 1,816
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1966)
73 Magazine November 1966 (#74) 80 Watts on Two Meters - A worthy successor to Bill's 50 watts for 50 meters ...... K1CLL 6 The Novice Class - Then and Now - How it's changed over the years ...... W7OE 12 Tuning the RTTY Signal - You can't receive teletype if you can't tune it ...... W4EHU 16 A WWV Receiver for $5 - Convert a simple transistor set to receive 2.5 MHz ...... W2DXH 20 Streamlined Transistor Modulators - You can fully modulate without a transformer ........
Keywords: tlie; antenna; amateur; receiver; mhz; frequency; radio; transmitter; ham; tuning; amateur radio; power supply; fresnel zone; path loss; rotary switch; ham radio; supply voltage; ham clubs; bleed current; side lobes
Downloads: 1,818
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1963)
73 Magazine January 1963 (#28) Nu 1-1/4 Meter Converter - Three 6CW4 nuvistors in a sensitive 220 MHz converter ...... WA2INM 6 RF Controlled Break-In - Automatic send-receive controlled by the key ...... W8MQW 8 NTSC Signal for Ham TV - Ham-TV'ers will want to read this one ...... K2HQY 10 73 Tests the WRL Tech-ceiver - Works fine. Six meter transceiver ...... Staff 18 Linear Amplifier - 3-1000Z kilowatt ........
Keywords: oct; meter; apr; dec; jun; nov; feb; sep; jul; power supply; grid dip; low noise; amateur radio; jul jul; jun jun; oct oct; high power; ground plane; command set
Downloads: 2,585
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1969)
73 Magazine February 1969 (#101) A Fast Scan Vidicon in Slow-Scan Camera - More on ATV ...... K7VZZ 6 A Cheap and Simple Linear Amplifier - More watts per dollar ...... WB2PTU 10 The Beatnote Basher - A selective audio filter ...... WB6JXU 12 The Unijunction Transistor - What they are, and what they do ...... VK3ZRY 14 What's Out There - Probing the universe for life ...... W1EZT 24 Velcro - A new material with ham potential ........
Keywords: tesla; capacitor; voltage; power; circuit; frequency; dielectric; radio; antenna; power supply; extra class; time constant; capacitor voltage; dielectric constant; navy mars; binding forces; ham radio; amateur radio; power factor
Downloads: 1,618
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1988)
73 Magazine April 1988 (#331) Welcome, Newcomers! - Hams were meant to serve in the public interest ...... KA1HY 4 Ham Radio at Its Best - The IARN: A shining example of service ...... KA1PZV 11 San Salvador Earthquake - Volunteers, please step forward! ...... W9ELR 12 The BEARS Project - An innovative middle school radio program ...... KZ1Z 14 Universal Power Supply Module - Your power problems arc solved with this project ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; frequency; ham; band; amateur radio; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; packet radio; flea market; radio club; general coverage
Downloads: 1,855
[texts]73 Magazine (January 2003)
73 Magazine January 2003 (#506) Build This Amazing ESR Meter - A simple project for everybody's shack ...... K8ZOA 10 K.I.S.S. Trickle Charger - And the ABCs of battery maintenance ...... K9TRG 19 Experimenting with Hall-Effect Sensors - For fun and knowledge ...... W6WTU 25 On the Face of It, A Good Idea - How to ace those finishing touches on your home-brewed pride-and-joys ...... AA2JZ 29 Travels with Henryk -Part 9 - The Dominican Republic, where the main mode is merengue ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; output; ham; voltage; frequency; led; battery; amateur radio; radio today; output voltage; ham radio; front panel; web site; digital port; tow truck; radio book; book shop
Downloads: 2,136
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1995)
73 Magazine September 1995 (#420) Simple J-Type 10m Vertical - For more versatile DXing ...... W6IOJ 10 Tuner Helper - An easier (and safer) way to tune your antenna while driving ...... K3PUR 14 Just Another Loop Antenna - Or is it? ...... WB2EGQ 20 A Discone Antenna for 10 Meters - It looks like a bird cage, but works like a yagi ...... W1ZB/6 32 Check Your SWR Bridge - Think you have a good bridge? Find out for sure ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; frequency; receiver; power; ham; mhz; radio today; amateur radio; feedback card; case set; ham radio; tuner helper; current distribution; matching case
Downloads: 1,788
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1994)
73 Magazine May 1994 (#404) HI-PER Audio Filter - This project provides High-PERformance CW filtering ...... KC3ZQ 10 Speech Compression - Make a monster mike! ...... KB1UM 16 Fast Charger - Recharge NiCd and NiMH batteries in as little as 30 minutes ...... KN6PK 22 The Radar Gun Reality - Ham scientist testifies on electromagnetic radiation ...... K6UI 30 Improved QRP Keying Circuit - A slick fix for your little CW rig ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; amateur; antenna; power; ihe; ham; repeater; tor; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; fast charger; power station; police radar
Downloads: 2,466
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